For our guests we can rent bikes. The resort has its own dock equipped with water equipment: kayaks, pedal boats, canoes.

In the area there is also a children's playground and the guarded bathing beach.

Additional attractions:

Water Attractions

- Short kayaking around the lake Gilwa,
- Fun on the water-based Center for Water sports equipment: water bikes, canoes and rowing boats
- Diving - completed course lasts a certain number of hours of theory and practice, "wyprawki" or "your first dive" - the program lasts for two days - both classroom and practice the next day, depending on the season.
School of windsurfing - a suggested deadline of June due to temperature of water. With groups of 30-70 cars, by group.

Attractions in the area

- Rally in the surrounding forests in Quad terrain vehicles,
- Fun Field survival and organized by a specialized companies. Painball games, track obstacles, crossing the lines, using the model ambushes, school survival,
- Competition cars, which is high above the ground. Incredible game in which all the attractions are on the trees, so this game will forget what is gravity, and you can walk where high access only have the birds,
- Rope Bridges:
- Commando - a person is connected to the level of the rope wich is stretched. It's task is to cross to the other end of the bridge.
- Indian - the bridge is constructed from two ropes, one of which serves as the handrail and the other is the back of the legs,
- Tibetan - is composed of three lines. After one go and the two others serve as handrails,
- Tyrolean Downhill - fast downhill descents on the lines stretched for a considerable height,
- Simin grove - two ropes attached horizontally planted levels are, like swings. The task of the player is to move to the other side.

- Portrait of a CEO. One player is suspended from the group of lines, the rest of the players from the team has the task of hanging such a maneuver, so that on a specially prepared board he could drew a portrait .

- Entering of Prussia. Moving up the line by means of special nodes called terminal. croll and poingee

- Indian Recreational Program - culture Indians of North America sent in a great active form. Rites, fun and games of skill, tipi, drums, colorful costumes and scenery. Sample stations Rest: gold panning, Falcon Eye, Indian face in the tipi, a warrior in battle, strong head, catching a wild horse, dance strength, Indian food at the fire and others.

- Balloon Rides - individual orders

- Climbing wall - individual orders

- Ability to organize and play integration by role-playing games. individual scenario

Winter Events

- Bojerowa School (Class dn-s, monotype XV)

- Dogsled ride. Classes regardless of the weather, can also ride at night. Dates from September to May, provided that the air temperature be below 10 Celsius degrees.

- The Eskimo - based on Eskimo culture, where the horse is a horse-drawn part of it. Perfect for the winter but not only. Attractive, active fun in the scenery Eskimo. Dates from November to May. Tent with reindeer skins, staff dressed in Eskimo with reindeer skins, 12 sled dogs, 4 stations, recreational games and fun games, sleigh or a few cars, the basic game Eskimo Roll, 12 Finnish sledges. Duration approximately 3 hours.

- Kulig with torches, fire, sausages and hot wine

- Cross-country skiing routes delineated

Events stylized

- Catering

Gala dinner, a banquet with a band, or DJ restaurants

Barbecue at the lake of fire accordionist and song of peace

Rural feast, dinner at Fisherman's peace with the music - dinner is served on wooden vessels, such as meals served kartacze (regional dish), fried cabbage, pork knuckle, pork legs, etc.

Gypsy Feast - music and dance show performed by Elena accompanied by dancers and band, full of oriental sensuality, gypsy temperament, finesse Spanish flamenco and Russian affairs for the soul ...

Drawn carriage rides, winter sleigh ride with roast suckling pig or wild boar

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